Let’s fix our future with the Future Economy Alliance

The Future Economy Alliance (FEA), which we are proud to support, is working to build an economy where society profits.

As we approach a General Election, they want to build a movement that can’t be ignored, to make sure our next government takes a new political approach to business: doing what’s best for people and planet, not just for profits.

Business is a huge driver for change. It’s already making an enormous impact, but not the one we want – that can change. Co-ops and community businesses have long centred people and planet alongside necessary and proportionate profit. We agree with the FEA that the challenges of today – post Brexit, post Covid, the ongoing cost of living crisis – need a new, joined up approach. Business has to work for everybody, sharing profits and power with communities, actively tackling social and environmental issues.

Ahead of the next General Election, there is a golden opportunity to build the case for business with a purpose beyond profit. Economic reform, a partnership state, climate action and local power will all be part of building a a stronger, fairer, greener economic climate for the UK.

Made up of business leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, investors, fundraisers and third sector experts, and representing social enterprises, co-operatives, mutuals, employee-owned businesses, social investors, and community-led organisations, the FEA is united in the vision of an economy where our entire society profits.

Do you want to be part of this change? Find out how to get involved here and mark your diary for the 18th June. A Day of Action will champion the value of mission-led businesses and show parliamentarians why and how these businesses hold the key to fixing our economy.

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