Early Autumn news round-up

  • Village pub gives housing plan the boot
  • Our reflections on the Co-op Economy 2019 report
  • Year-long programme to build a new economy
  • Survey fatigue?

Village pub gives housing plan the boot

“We have saved our local pub and secured its future. In a small rural village like Orleton the pub can be a significant employer and can provide opportunities for young people. I’m pleased to say that Chris and Hollie are creating one full-time and 12 part-time jobs.”

We were delighted to be part of this story - read more about it here...

Our reflections on the Co-op Economy 2019 report


7215 independent co-ops in the UK
233,733 people employed by co-ops.
13.7 million members.
Annual turnover £37.7 billion.

But 51 co-ops fewer in operation than a year ago and 41 fewer started in 2019 than in 2018.


Year-long programme to build a new economy

Community Ownership
We are absolutely thrilled to see the amazing Stir to Action New Economy Programme workshops starting again

The series covers the steps needed to challenge and disrupt current thinking - for example Intersectional Economics, Decolonising Economics and Community Wealth Building - all the way through to How to Get Started, Making Community Leadership Work, Building a Powerful Brand Identity, High Streets as Agents for Economic Change, Resilience and Transforming How We Work Together.

Read more here

Survey fatigue?

Are you experiencing survey fatigue?

We know that increasing pressure on us all to do more with less means it's getting harder to find the time to complete surveys and feedback on services and support received. Many of you will know this too, as you try to get feedback to evidence your own performance to funders.

As the people on the ground doing the work, your feedback is immensely important and we would really appreciate you helping us out by emailing Tim brief answers to one or more the questions below on how we can best get vital feedback about our services. If you can only answer one question, even that would help - we would love to know what you think and only you can tell us!

The situation
We ask all those who have borrowed funds from us to answer a few questions every year. This Survey helps us understand what you want from us, what we can improve, and how we can better help more organisations trying to make things better for our society.

This year 35 organisations - 16% of 216 current and former borrowers who were invited - completed our online Borrower Survey, which was less than usual and meant we didn't get a representative spread of responses. The more responses we get, the better the information we have to help meet the future needs of organisations like yours.

Questions - please email Tim with your responses

For everyone:
  • Do you have any ideas on how can we get more responses next year?
For borrowers only:
  • Was the survey too complex?
  • Did the questions not appeal?
  • Did you even open it, or just decide 'too busy, I haven't got time' - would it help if we gave an estimate of time in the email with the link to the survey?
  • Would incentives help - prize draw?
Sincerely - thanks in advance for your help!

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