A Review of 2017

We've just published our Review of 2017. We are calling it 'The Year of the Co-operative Pub' because over 75% of our lending went to pubs. In 2017 we released £893,000 in new loans 16 co-ops and community benefit societies with a combined membership of over 2,000 people. At the end of the year 132 enterprises across the UK were benefiting from our supportive lending.
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2017 - The Year of the Co‑operative Pub

2017 - The Year of the Co‑operative Pub
2017 was the Year of the Co‑operative Pub. We saw a big growth in demand for finance from communities wanting to take ownership and control of their local assets, especially pubs. Just over three-quarters of the finance we released in 2017 went to 10 community benefit societies involved in pubs and hospitality…Read more

Helping multi-stakeholder co-ops to grow

During 2017 we helped two very different multi-stakeholder co‑operatives to expand and develop. RetrofitWorks, based in London, is a multi-stakeholder co-operative whose members include both owners/managers of housing stock such as local authorities, housing associations and charities, and tradespeople and building companies…Read more

Innovative ventures in food and farming

Innovative ventures in food and farming
In 2017 we continued to work with the Real Farming Trust and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to deliver the Just Growth programme. This 18-month initiative was set up to nurture community enterprises that are farming and producing food in a responsible way... Read more
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