Trustee Recruitment as we approach our half century


We are recruiting new co-operator trustees

We received reports that the link to the Trustee Information pack was not working for some recipients - this has now been edited and we hope works for you all.

It's an exciting time to be in social finance and community business. Recognition of the power of community ownership to solve local problems and provide vital services is growing. Communities are feeling empowered to take on the issues that matter most to them using the tools that suit their needs best.

We are proud to be part of this sector, and part of a movement that has always put people powered business and communities first. We are proud that it is now acknowledging historic gaps and actively working towards representing *all* the people.

We believe that changing business changes Britain.

You can drive that change with us.

Read more about the role, the commitment and us in the Trustee Information Pack here

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