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Board of Directors

Roles and responsibilities of directors

The directors are responsible for the strategic direction of Co-operative & Community Finance and for managing the staff. The directors receive no remuneration for their involvement although they can be reimbursed for essential expenses.

The directors have various legal responsibilities including overseeing the preparation of the annual report and the financial statements. They are responsible for keeping proper accounting records and for taking such steps as are reasonably open to them to safeguard the assets of the company or society and to prevent and detect fraud and other irregularities.

Nominate or elect a director

We want more people to be involved in the process of appointing our directors. We want more people to nominate candidates, to stand for election and to vote. We actually have two boards of directors – this is explained in our structure & governance – but at present the same people sit on both boards, although this is not a requirement.

Each year one third of the directors of each board retire from office to make way for an election. We welcome our members to get more involved with the democratic management of Co-operative & Community Finance.

So if you would like to volunteer as a potential director or nominate someone, please email or phone 0117 916 6750.

Our current board of directors

Jon Nott (chair)
Jon Nott (chair)

(re-elected 29/06/2020)
Jon was General Secretary of Woodcraft Folk, the children and young people’s co-operative, for eight years. Before this he was Chief Executive of the Green Party in the run up to the election of their first MP in 2010. With a background in worker co-ops and membership-led campaigning organisations, Jon is an expert in democratic governance and engagement.

Nankunda Katangaza
Nankunda Katangaza

(elected 23/06/2021)
Nankunda is co-founder and director of a small women-owned research, advisory and consulting company based in the City of London. There, she works with companies, government departments, institutions and multilateral entities operating in legal and professional services sectors globally.



Jaye Martin | Co-operative development specialist
Jaye Martin | Co-operative development specialist

(elected 23/06/21)

Previously a a specialist adviser in the Co-operative Development Scotland team within Scottish Enterprise, Jaye has worked with co-ops and employee owned businesses, and held an equity investment role. 

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Dominica Cole

Representatives from nominated bodies

Daniel Holden  | Unicorn Grocery
Daniel Holden | Unicorn Grocery

Worker Coop Council Representative
Daniel has been a member of the Manchester worker co-op Unicorn Grocery for over 10 years and was co-chair from 2015 to 2018. He has a good understanding of the financial needs of small co-operative businesses. He takes a keen interest in the co-operative movement and has been actively involved in the establishment of the worker co-op solidarity fund and often attends co-operative networking events.

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John Forbes
Co-operatives UK Representative
Project Manager, Co-operatives UK

Prior to joining Cooperatives UK as the Project Manager for the Ownership Hub programme, John has been working in the charity and development sector, since graduating in 2006. John was one of the founders of Performers Without Borders, working with young people across India and South America, before focusing on Youth Development work in the UK.