All the money that we lend comes from individuals and organisations that support our mission. 
There are a number of ways you can invest or provide financial support…

Invest in our funds

Investing in us, and thereby in the businesses to which we lend, represents a positive ethical investment.
We not only avoid certain forms of business but actively support those which benefit their employees, communities and the environment.

We manage several separate funds. One of these is Community Capital, which lends to co-operatives, community businesses and social enterprises throughout mainland UK. This is the vehicle through which we can receive investment at any time. Within Community Capital there are two ring-fenced funds designed specifically to enable the regions of East of England and East Midlands to invest in themselves and support social enterprises.

Another fund is the ICO Fund plc, which lends to worker co-operatives and employee owned businesses. This fund was started in 1987 with a public share issue offering 10 year redeemable preference shares. The offer was successfully repeated in 1997 and again in 2007.

Our newest fund, set up in 2012, is Community Shares ICOF. This fund is used to underwrite share issues aiming to raise finance for a community-owned enterprise or facility.

As an investor you will receive newsletters, annual audited report and accounts, an invitation to the AGM, dividends where possible and considerable satisfaction.

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Ask us to manage a loan fund on your behalf

Asking us to manage a loan fund on your behalf isn’t really investing but it can benefit you and us and some of the enterprises we aim to support. Because of our expertise and experience in specialist lending we can minimise losses and maximise returns (both social and financial) on funds we manage. In some cases we will match a loan from a fund we manage with another loan directly from our own funds. This doubles the support to the borrower, halves the risk to the lenders and reduces the cost to the fund.

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Donate large funds for a specific purpose

Occasionally we have accepted large donations to be used exclusively for lending for a specific purpose, for example to support social enterprise in a particular locality or region. This has sometimes happened as a result of changes in regional or local enterprise support strategies. We currently have ring-fenced funds for lending in the following areas: Avon & Bristol, East of England, East Midlands, Wakefield, and West Glamorgan. These are all geographical areas but we would also be happy to accept funds designed to support specific industry sectors or types of enterprise. If you would like to discuss such a donation in confidence please contact us on or 0117 916 6750.

Contribute to the Co-operative Loan Fund

One of the funds we manage is The Co-operative Loan Fund which was set up to strengthen the size and scope of the co-operative sector. It only lends to co-operatives and it is funded by co-operatives including The Co-operative Group, Midcounties Co-operative, East of England Co-operative Society, Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society and The Co-operative Financial Services.

The Co-operative Loan Fund has been very successful at lending and recycling its funds since it was created in 2002, and it would like to get more large co-operatives involved.

We’d like to hear from any co-operatives interested in contributing to the Co-operative Loan Fund and being invited to join the board. Please contact us for an informal discussion or 0117 916 6750.

As an investor you will receive newsletters, annual audited report and accounts, an invitation to the AGM, dividends where possible and considerable satisfaction.