Your story – someone else’s inspiration?

Over the last 45 years we’ve helped 100’s of co-operatives or member-owned organisations access the funds they needed to grow, develop and progress their ambitions.

From circuses to veg boxes, housing co-ops to community pubs, we’re helping people build the communities and services they want and need.

Through 2019, we’d love to share stories of how these projects and businesses have developed and grown, and hear from you about what it was really like to work with us. We know that stories like this can be really helpful for organisations who are considering finance – it can help them understand how it works and what they might need to think about.

Would your organisation be willing to be featured, and provide a little insight for another organisation like yours? You never know, reading about you could be the thing that nudges that final decision to help another community or group of workers go for it!

All it would take would be a short phone call at a convenient time and a spot of proofreading – we’d ask you some questions, write it up, and send it to you for approval. We’d share on our website and through our active social media channels – so you’ll even get some free publicity out of it!

Sound interesting? Get in touch!