The results are in – and they’re fantastic!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Annual Survey! We’re delighted to say that the results are in and they make for enjoyable reading after what’s been a difficult year all round.

This year we sent out our survey with sister company the Co-op Loan Fund and received our highest ever number of responses. From these, 73% of respondents rated their overall experience of Co-operative and Community Finance as ‘Very Good’ and 23% selected ‘Good’ giving us an impressive TripAdvisor style score of 4.7 out of 5.

And nearly 70% were confident in saying they would be Very Likely or Likely to use our services again in future.

But numbers are one thing; we are always thrilled to read personal comments and these are delightful.

‘As far as I am concerned your service is as good as it can get.’

‘I can’t offer any suggestions to improve it.’

‘Been very helpful and stayed in touch during Covid-19 crisis.’

‘You do an amazing job with the small, dedicated team who are so dedicated to co-op development and support.’

It’s a genuine pleasure to work with organisations building a better future. Thanks to all who responded and who work with us today, have done before, and will do in future. And happy reading to the lucky – anonymous – respondent who was the winner of our Co-operative Bookstore voucher!