Celebrating ICOF 50th birthday – looking back at our loans – Ecosulis

Originally Bath based and family owned, Ecosulis are dedicated to recovering nature, by designing and delivering efficient and scalable nature-based solutions for people and planet.

We worked with them in 2007 when the existing family sold to a management buyout and Ecosulis become an employee-owned cooperative. At that stage, the company specialised in the delivery of landscape-scale habitat restoration solutions, as well as ecological consultancy and protected species mitigation.

 Today, they are a global rewilding business, working with clients to identify nature-based solutions that deliver high biodiversity gains on sites across the UK and beyond, with minimal interventions. By crafting these solutions to fit the site, we cost-effectively deliver high quality results that stand the test of time.

Find out more about their incredible work and their upcoming summer webinars on ecology techmarine rewilding and peatland restoration