Celebrating ICOF 50th birthday – looking back at our loans – Oxford Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling Projects exist all around the UK and we have been proud to work with the Oxford Wood Recycling Project on a number of occasions.

Far more than simply a shop selling wood, wood recycling projects tend to include elements of employment support, volunteering and training. Oxford Wood Project is no different – their Wood To Work project helps those who face significant barriers to employment, including health or disability, to enter the world of work by supporting them to be ready for work, to find a job and to support them whilst they start work.

They also sell sustainable furniture made on site, that will last and last and is ultimately biodegradable.

We made various loans to the project through the 2010s, largely for heavy kit including a kindling machine, and two 3.5 tonne trucks.

During the lockdowns, we interviewed their CEO Richard Snow as part of our COVID stories series – they responded rapidly to the crisis and we’re happy to see them thriving again today. Do check them out if you’re in the market for a long lasting piece of furniture, you’ll be making a positive impact while acquiring something beautiful.