Celebrating Neurodiversity in 2024

This week, from the 18th to the 24th March, is Neurodiversity Week.

Conversations about diversity and inclusion are increasingly including neurodiversity and this week aims to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about, and celebrate, neurological differences, as part of the infinite variety of ways to be human. How familiar are you with the concept?

The term is a broad one, created in 1998 by Judy Singer, and tends to include varied ways of thinking or experiencing the world such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Autism, ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome. The Neurodoversity Week Resource Hub is packed with information collated from across the internet to help us all understand more about Neurodiversity.

The Week, and the campaign, want to help us all recognise and celebrate those who think differently. As with so many campaigns by and for those of us who stand outside the mainstream, they state that the main problems neurodivergent people face frequently come from systemic and structural issues, inside systems designed by and for the majority.

There are lots of events running throughout the week, starting with an Introduction to Neurodiversity on Monday 18th and including Neurodiversity for HR Professionals, and Good Practice for Neurodiversity Professionals.

Are you part of an organisation that wants to increase your support for neurodivergent people? Check out the full calendar at a glance in a handy table here and sign up through the individual event links below the table.