Reel change for video co-op

A leading video production co-operative has upgraded essential equipment and expanded its services, after receiving a loan from us.

VET (Video Engineering & Training) is one of the film industry’s leading training providers, offering professional support and development to a large, diverse client base. The co-operative also runs a Post Production facility offering a wide range of services, including video editing, grading, delivery to broadcasters, and archive of videotape and 16mm film to file, as well as full-service production.

The loan from Co-operative & Community Finance will go towards purchasing new software and video post- production equipment, ensuring that VET remains operating on the cutting edge of technology.

The newest service on offer is a comprehensive archive service, which includes transferring old tapes and 16mm film into digital formats which can be catalogued for easy access. This vital undertaking is often the only way to save valuable archive material from deteriorating completely.

Joan Leese, long-standing member-director of VET, said: “The world of video production is very fast moving, with constant developments in technology and equipment. The loan from Co-op Finance will allow us to keep up with these rapid changes, as well as expanding the services we offer.”

The co-op was set up in 1985, with a clear mission to make video technology available to everyone. Founding members had skills and experience in production and broadcasting, and wanted to share those skills with their peers in a democratic way. The co-op was originally located in Southwark, London, but moved to Islington in 1992 and finally to Hackney – where it is currently based – in 1998.

Joan said: “Our unique co-operative ethos has served us well over the years, allowing us to shift comfortably between working with high-end broadcasters and independent film makers. We cherish our wide range of clients who like ‘the human touch’”

Our Investment Manager Ian Taylor said: “VET has been a borrower of ours for over 20 years. They’re a reliable and professional group of people, who make a great co-op! They’re well respected within a very competitive field. This loan will help them stay up to date with technology, and expand their offering into some exciting new projects.”

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