Celebrate our 50th birthday with your memories!

We are going to be 50 in 2023 – if you’ve been part of our story so far, will you join us?

Where does the time go? One minute you’re a new social finance provider, lending to co-ops among the wholefood stores, in your 1970s flares, and the next it’s 2022, everyone’s talking about platform co-ops and you’re staring a 50th birthday in the face!

We’re planning to mark the big 50 in 2023 with a year of celebrations and we’d love you to be part of them. We want to look back over the work we’ve done – the co-ops and businesses we’ve worked with – the teams we have worked alongside – the supporters we have had – and celebrate what we built, together.

Have you been part of our story? Were you part of a co-op or organisation we lent to? A partner in a project? Are you or have you been a member or shareholder? Perhaps you are an ex Trustee or colleague?

Whatever your connection if you’ve stories or photos or memories to share we would truly love to hear from you – please, do get in touch!